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Come check out this month's Ides Event at Down and Out! On November 14th, from 4pm-8pm, I will be doing a live painting session with a work in progress that will have a premier at a later Ides Event! This will give any folks who would like to witness a slice of my creative process and, of course, I am open to any questions. There will also be live music a la acoustic with snacks and refreshments! 



Down and Out

15 East High Street,

Glassboro, NJ 08028  


Hope to see your swagger at the dagger!

More than Words!

I was lucky enough to meet and be interviewed by Logan Boyko who is the writer and blogger of the tattoo blog Spilled Ink South Jersey. Boyko's site features amazing stories that range from interviews of tattoo artist in the field to the personal history and sentiments of real tattoos on real people. Boyko truly expresses and channels a passion for the tattoo world and is a worthy site to follow! Check out this awesome blog that features tattoos and tattoo art in South Jersey:


(P.S. I'm featured for the October 11th post!)


Philadelphia Premiere!

Come see my latest piece and the other artists' great goulish creations at Ritual Ritual in Philadelphia! The opening is October 17, 2014, and the show is up until November 22, 2014. If the opening isn't an option there's plenty of time to go check it out!


           Ritual Ritual

           819 N. 2nd Street

           Philadelphia, PA


Hope you can check it out!


Artwork at Down and Out!

Bring your Swagger to the Dagger on 10/10/14 to see my work! Refreshments and snacks provided. The store name and location:


         Down and Out

        15 East High Street

        Glassboro, NJ 08028


See you there!

(P.S. Check in for future events at this location!)

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