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Don't forget to keep the sand between your toes...

      A native of Cape May, New Jersey, Tessy Mitchum celebrates and is inspired by her home by the ocean. She has been drawing and making art for as long as Tessy can remember. Developing into an artist, Tessy expresses through her work the love, beauty, and appreciation she has for life and all her surroundings. She is constantly yearning to communicate and share with the masses what she sees and experiences through her multi-colored glasses. In hopes to show her audience something new and wonderful that may normally have been unseen, Tessy strives to create images for every person who wants to delve into surreal realms and endless ocean of possibilities that are born from the imagination.

Primarily a painter, Tessy dabbles in knitting, crocheting, sculpting, and jewelry making--she can’t help but get messy in more than one creative way. Tessy tries her best to keep all of her projects green or recycled in the process. 

Surf, love, and simplicity are the key words on this site. Enjoy!
It's time to embrace the world, one day at a time.

Tessy attended The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, receiving her BFA in Illustration.

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